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Where, oh where, has the blogosphere gone? With a final semester of college focused on the latest and greatest in social media do and do-nots nearly a year away, I seem to have lost some of my blogging fire. I’m not staying up-to-date on my feeds… not the ones focused on PR or marketing or the ones about the hottest travel destinations… I’m not staying on top of my own blog posts, and I’m not even staying on top of blogging opportunities for clients.


This week I was asked to help with Web copywriting for a client hoping to incorporate online resources as a tool within its new Web site.  Not just an area for links to latest trade publication stories, but a section dedicated to all online resources… white papers, journal articles, industry trend reports and… da da da daaa… blogs. 

It upsets me that the request took me by surprise.  I am constantly scanning my Cision media hits and trade publications to stay on top of the latest trends, learning as much as I can about the client and its competition and diligently searching for media opportunities. Although I luck into the occasional relevant blog post returned at the bottom of all my scheduled Google Alerts, I haven’t been making a conscious effort.

How did this apathy occur?  Well, it started with me blaming my life in general, making excuses about being too busy.  It takes time to sit down and read through posts, leave thoughtful comments, follow interesting and helpful links and dedicate brain cells to retaining some of the information.  Who has time for that? It continued with my dedication to serving clients quickly and continuously exactly what they want and not pushing back and making recommendations about what I think they need.  I mean, as an AAE, can I really be so forward as to start suggesting my own social media strategies for clients?  As you may have read in my past posts, that notion is bogus considering all of the input and involvement I’ve been so lucky to have with and on behalf of my clients since beginning this job last September.



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