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The other day, I remarked to my mom that I couldn’t wait for college to end and the real world to begin. I explained that school consumes by life 24 hours a day and my job would probably only require a nine-hour shift and perhaps the occasional weekend take-home project. It would be nothing like this never-ending schedule of meetings, classes, work, projects and, very rarely, social life. 

What was I thinking? 

Rather than blaming this blunder on blind naivety or stupidity, I would like to think it was a moment of weakness, probably brought on by one too many glances at the novel on my nightstand that I am still aching to read. I realize it was a silly, passing thought, one you would never mention to your professor and especially never to a potential employer, but I know I’m not alone in wanting a brief rest from this fast-paced schedule. 

The thing is, there are things I want even more. I want several excellent internships before I graduate so I feel confident applying my knowledge, I want perfect grades so I can get every scholarship I apply for, and most of all I want to be so excited about what I do that employers are seeking me.  

Are all of these things possible? Maybe not, but constantly throwing aside the meeting schedule and homework will only help me obtain a short break and multiply the stress I will undergo when I do get around to that work.  (more…)


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