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img_0176.jpgI took a little break from the blog last week during my spring break trip to China… limited Internet access up on the Great Wall for those of you who haven’t been there yet, although I did see a guy on his cell phone. Technology creeps me out a little these days.

 My trip was amazing, although the jet-lag is killing me. While I don’t recommend flying to the other side of the world for as few as 10 days, there are many businessmen and PR professionals who do just that. Despite my complaining, I hope that’s me someday.

img_0294.jpgIf you’ve checked out my ‘About’ page, you know I love to travel, and if you’ve been reading my blog, you know I love public relations. Although I’m not yet sure how I’m personally going to make those two things work together for me, it’s more than possible in today’s global community.

While international traveling may not be every public relations student’s cup of tea, it’s almost impossible to ignore the need for a broader understanding of other cultures. As I mentioned before, Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman Worldwide Public Relations, recommended learning another language or taking advantage of travel opportunities in order to set yourself apart from other well-qualifies public relations soon-to-be professionals when I heard him speak.

My classmate and friend Holly Mueller focuses her blog, Mundo PR, on this very topic, discussing the importance of cultural awareness for public relations professionals developing trans-continental campaigns, or even campaigns within one country that will reach individuals of different backgrounds. A key to defining and understanding key publics is to know what cultural beliefs and customs affect the way they think and how they might respond to certain situations. (more…)


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Disclaimer: I’m feeling a little preachy.

I didn’t even know what public relations was when I came to Kent State. I certainly didn’t know it was a major or that I would become consumed with learning more about it. Luckily, I fell into it, and I haven’t looked back.late-bloomer.jpg

Since I was a late bloomer in the PR field, undeclared my freshman year and studying abroad in Northern Ireland my sophomore year, I’ve been working hard to catch up these past four semesters. a.k.a. I’ve been loading up on the public relations classes. Part of my being consumed with the major is literal… I’ve had no choice. Four of the five classes I’ve taken each semester have been public relations.

It’s been a little overwhelming—the classes, the internships—but preparing for a life in the public relations world isn’t just about understanding PR. It’s something more.

It’s knowing the news:Media writing. News writing. Print beat. Media relations. Common theme? You have to know what’s going on in the news and you have to be able to think and write like the news. Your client is going to expect you to know their company inside an out, including the way key publics view them. Monitoring the news is often an intern’s task, but its importance makes it an equally significant responsibility of public relations professionals with years of experience.

The first day of Law of Advertising and Public Relations this semester, my professor, Tim Smith, gave the class a quiz that struck home the importance of staying on top of current events. See if you agree:

  1. Name the seven dwarfs.
  2. Name seven Supreme Court justices
  3. Name the three stooges
  4. Name the three branches of government
  5. Name the last American Idol
  6. Name the new Secretary of Defense

I thought I would include links to help you with your homework. (more…)

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